August 30, 2008

Code license information

Yup, we all have our problems with licenses. But I'm planning on throwing some code out to the reader(s) of this blog (hi mom!) and I thought that I'd make sense to make it clear from the beginning.

I have limited understanding of copyright law, especially US law but I suspect that most of the smaller code samples won't pass threshold of originality and thus isn't even copyrightable.

The code snippets that do pass the treshold is (unless otherwise noted) written by me and I will place them under the MIT-license and they can be used for whatever purpose you want, commercial or otherwise. Please give credit where credit is due though. Common sense applies. If you want to discuss specifics feel free to contact me.

In the case of blog posts concerning contributions to other projects where the project prohibits the use of MIT-license for contributions the supplied code will of course comply with the license of said project. Should I for example contribute to a project that's licensed under GPL my code will be licensed the same way.

If you like a particular snippet or code sample that I've posted, please link to it from your blog, your code where you integrated it or wherever. Help me gather some pagerank karma!